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Be Consistent, Be Authentic

I admit that I have not been consistent and am working on it! It is important to keep your brand fresh, be consistent with your website updates/blog posts, and stay active in social media engagement.

The web is always changing and so are social media channels and how your posts are viewed or not viewed, on your followers’ accounts. The ever-changing algorithms of Facebook and Instagram™ are a good example. If you stay engaged and have authentic conversations with your followers, you will still see results. Building relationships, face-to-face or online with followers, takes time but is worth the authentic connections and they will become your customers.

3 Tips for Authenticity

  1. Write like you talk. You want to be the same person online as when you meat clients face-to-face. If you write different than you speak, they are less likely to see you as genuine and you’ll have more difficulty selling your products and services.
  2. Keep posts short. I have a short attention span and tend not to read more than 300 words max. 
  3. Add humour to your posts. If you make a mistake, own up to it. Let people you know are real.
 A great example for tip #3 is when I posted a photo on Instagram™ of a confusing pub sign with missing letters. I can imagine how confusing it would be for people driving past and trying to read it in a hurry. The person looking after the pub’s Instagram account simply posted “we’re on it”. I didn’t drive past to check the sign again, but I was happy they acknowledged my post quickly. They even shared my post on the screens throughout their pub. Good to see they have a sense of humour!

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