Building Your Online Presence

Are you having trouble deciding how to get started building your online presence using social media? Don’t worry, I can help!

There are many options available today and more are being created every day. You don’t need to have a presence on every social media channel there is!

3 Tips to Consider

  1. Decide who your audience is and which social media channel(s) they use the most. If it’s Facebook, create a business page not a profile. Business pages will give you insights that you can reference to analyze how your posts are performing. 1.9 billion people log onto Facebook daily and almost 30% of those people are 25-24 years of age.
  2. Start with one or two channels. Typically most businesses can start with a Facebook business page and Twitter account. Personally, I would add Instagram to that mix, but that depends on your product and target market.
  3. Take time to build your brand on social media. Some people think that as soon as they start a Facebook page they will be too busy to fulfill orders. Not true. Online marketing takes time. You will need to prepare content, start connecting with your target market, and build relationships before you start seeing sales.

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