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Develop + Cultivate Relationships

Now that you’re set up on social media you can start to develop and cultivate relationships with prospective clients.

No one likes to be approached directly by someone trying to sell a product or service. Even if it’s of interest to me, it’s the approach that is off-putting and immediately I’m on the defence.

Social media is just that…social. It’s a slow approach in which you start conversations, build relationships with people in your target markets, and then soft-sell them after they are comfortable and interested in what you offer. If you are genuine and conversational, they will visit your social media profiles out of curiosity, if nothing else!

Find like-minded people on the social media platforms you have chosen to market. Some easy ways are to search hashtags for words that your visitors would search for if they were looking for your product or service. For example, if you’re a travel agent and are looking for clients, you could search for #traveltogreece instead of #greece. By just using #greece it’s too vague and there will be many many posts using that hashtag so your post might get buried in the list fast. The more specific #traveltogreece may not have as many followers, but you know those people are specifically interested in travelling to Greece!

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