Social Media 101 – Join the Conversation

Join the Conversation - Social Media 101


Join the Conversation

Have you notice bad reviews are more frequent on your Facebook feed than feel-good posts? People talk about their bad experiences more often than good and it spreads. If that is your brand you want to join that conversation.

Word of mouth is the best kind of advertising…or the worst. People are more willing to share bad experiences which leads to others agreeing and sharing their bad experiences.

Tip: for Authenticity

If you is receive bad posts on your social channels, have one or two of your loyal clients (brand advocates) respond to those messages with positive feedback. Most often people just want to be heard. Brand advocates are a more trusted source than only yourself responding. You do need to respond also, with customer service in mind, and do what you can to make that customer happy.

Build you content with positive messages and engage with your followers who leave comments on your social media channels. It’s okay to include clean humour into your weekly messages. By engaging with your followers it shows there is a real person behind your social media channels, not a bot auto-posting corporate messages—your followers will feel like they know and trust you before requesting your services.

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