Travel Agent Planner

Do you have a marketing strategy for the post-pandemic business increase?

I hear repeatedly from trusted sources that once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, there will be a surge in travel from those of us travel addicts who have been cooped up for months. Most people who have booked on their own will not feel as secure continuing to do so and will be seeking out travel agents to book their travel for them.

As an online travel agent, I’m making a concentrated effort to take advantage of this lean time and learn as much as I can about new destinations I feel my clients would be interested in, and creating a plan that will carry me forward. Additionally, I’m making notes regarding health and sanitization at destinations, as I know this will be top of mind with most everyone. 

This was overwhelming to sort out, so I created this Travel Agent Digital Planner to keep myself organized and make a blueprint of my marketing strategy over the next few months, plan out my social media posts, and get organized. Will you join me in preparing ahead?

What's inside?

Pages include:

  • Monthly calendars, undated with Sunday and Monday start dates
  • Daily page template undated
  • Travel quote forms
  • Contacts section
  • Suppliers section
  • Training section
  • Financials
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Your Ideal Client worksheet
  • Your Brand worksheet
  • World Map
  • Notes
Travel agent planner

What is a digital planner?

I became hooked on digital planners last year and now I’m overly obsessed. The possibilities are endless! This planner can be printed as well as used on tablets that have pen capabilities—mine is an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, and use the GoodNotes app. There are a number of apps that you can use this planner with as well on both Apple and Android tablets. One benefit is that whatever I write in my planner also syncs to the same app on my iPhone. 

I’ve switched to digital planners to save on paper and make my purse lighter, but for those who prefer the printed option, you can easily print these pages and put them in a binder. You can even print them AFTER you add your notes to them on your tablet. You can print or export only select pages, or the entire planner. Your choice. 

Enough of the tech… you want to know what is in the Planner, right?


This is a digital PDF planner, no physical product will be shipped.

For personal use only, please do not copy, share, distribute, or sell my files.

I cannot refund an order once a digital file has been sent, but if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason I would be glad to work with you to resolve the issue.

Please be aware, colours may vary depending on monitor and printer styles/settings.​