hello I'm Sherri

designer & content creator

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who I am

I am a graphic designer and travel enthusiast. I wear two hats… the serious designer hat and the “see the world” travel adventurer hat! Both interests and skillsets meld well...at least I think so.

For those interested in discussing graphic design work, please reach out. If you’re looking for travel reviews and content creation, jump on over to girlonthego.ca to see what I’ve been up to!

To complement my Canva templates on Etsy...I'm launching a new membership for travel professionals to streamline your marketing efforts, engage your clients, and get more bookings.


my philosophy

Properly branding your business involves creating a cohesive and memorable identity that makes an impression on your audience, showcasing your unique value propositions and helps you stand out from competitors. It requires consistent look and feel across your social platforms and marketing materials, ensuring that every interaction reinforces your brand's message and values. Effective branding is not just about visuals; it's about crafting a compelling message that engages customers, builds loyalty, and establishes a strong, trust-based relationship in the market.

what I offer


Print and web design, such as magazines, marketing materials, trade show booths, to websites.

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Content Creation

Utilizing my professional marketing experience and love for travel, I create content for travel and tourism brands.

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Training for Travel Advisors

I help travel advisors get noticed online inside the Jetset Tribe membership.

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